At Ritam, we use the metaphor of “the clearing in the forest'', to symbolize the gap between the spiritual world and the material world. Ritam acts as a bridge connecting these two worlds.

Our vision has shown us a path leading through a dense forest to an open clearing, where sunlight breaks through; and, on the clearing’s other side, the forest path continues onward. This image sees Ritam, the clearing in the forest, as both a destination and a journey. In the clearing, you can see the forest from the trees.

Our philosophy derives from the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India, a primary directive of which is, “Established in Being, act.” This guidance is found in the Bhagavad Gita, spoken by Krishna to his student, the warrior Arjuna, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Our adherence to Krishna’s instruction, places the attainment of yoga, or union with the Self, at the center of Ritam’s coherent set of practices and Retreat offerings.

A peaceful and harmonious atmosphere is sustained as an ongoing by-product of Ritam’s daily group meditations and yagam pooja performances. Ritam attracts those who are interested in yoga, meditation, Vedic chanting and various other energetic and sound-frequency practices, as a means of encountering and engaging the way of the clearing in the forest. We believe that group meditation creates a positive effect on Nature, and Mother Earth, whereby a group of meditators, each accessing pure consciousness in their own awareness, together radiate a positive vibrational influence into the community and the world. Here, we consider the goal of yoga in its broadest context, is to promote peace and harmony, both at Ritam and within the range of its coherence-creating influence.

The way of dynamic silence uplifts and supports all of Ritam’s Retreat attendees, enlivening their efforts. To create conditions to allow Being to emerge, be present and available in our conscious awareness, harmony and peacefulness are seen as the means, and to these ends, we welcome all who wish to practise their chosen method of meditation, yoga, energetic and sound-frequency practices.

The way of the immense sky is experienced through the daily performance of Yagam Poojas, which feed the resident nature spirits, drawing their energies close in, providing both expansion and focus. Yoga, meditation, sound baths and shinrin-yoku also benefit from the way of the immense sky at Ritam’s outdoor venues, as a backdrop to witness intention.

The way of Ritam’s towering forest is evident in every detail of its structures and landscape, as they nestle upon Mother Earth. During meditation, our intention may not always be stable, but the towering forest grounds us, bringing focus and clarity.

The way of bringing the ashes from the Yagam Pooja to the waters of a spring-fed creek which flows across Ritam’s lands, ultimately journeying to the Hudson’s Bay and the North Atlantic Ocean, is offered to each Retreat Guest, as an individual quest. Each Guest finds a path through Ritam’s mystical forest, carrying the pooja’s ashes, in order to scatter them on a tiny creek, thus symbolically extending their path-finding ability on their journey while seeing the way of the spring-fed waters in their future.

Our philosophy has guided us to offer our wellness retreats to provide a safe haven in the world, for others to pause here, rest and refresh, gain insight, and then, fortified with a new sense of direction and purpose, continue on their journey. 

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Retreat ceremonies and other activities and absorb each of them fully throughout the five days you are with us. Your way forward will become clear to you.