What You Will Find

Guests arriving at Ritam breathe in the fresh high-altitude air, as they settle in for their stay. Many beautiful structures are found on Ritam’s site. The Main Lodge has a welcoming feeling of serenity, harmony, openness and well-being, inviting rest and refreshment. Our Guests will emerge into a spacious and windowed central area through which the entire Retreat site can be viewed, with vistas down the expansive valley to the south and over to a forested hillside to the west. Within the Main Lodge, our Guests can access a variety of purposely designed unique spaces that enhance each and every experience, all equipped with chromotherapeutic lighting, balancing the body’s energy.

At Ritam, one of our core values is collaborating with Nature, absorbing its energetical properties to enhance all of our activities and offerings. A grounding energy envelopes you throughout Ritam’s forested site, from the vistas seen along the walking paths, to the intimacy of the Mystical Forest with its secluded meditation spots, the majesty of the Forest Circle and the refreshing burbling of the Waterfalls. Unique meditation spots have been thoughtfully placed in each setting throughout the site. All beckon our Guests as alternate destinations to experience peace and stillness, while inviting renewal. Serene encounters, spatial beauty, and dynamic silences await.

Thoughtful and purposeful design has gone into the construction of all aspects of the facilities and grounds of Ritam, to foster the intention of each space and to ease your transformation.

Although Ritam’s programming consists of various offerings that start off being held in their designated locations, during the Retreat, the offerings’ locations are changed daily, utilizing the different energy of each space, which provides our Guests with different and unique experiences. 

Healing Cave

Amethyst, selenite, agate and Himalayan salt lamps, chromotherapeutic lighting, with a surround of various semi-precious stones and soft candlelight, illuminate and frame the space, creating a serene, zen atmosphere in Ritam’s Healing Cave. Their healing energies enhance the flow and intensify the frequencies generated in the treatments, resulting in expansion and release. Tibetan Singing Bowls and Alchemy Crystal Bowls, together with a variety of other sound-frequency therapeutic instruments are used in the Healing Cave for holistic healing therapies.

Sound Dome

Ritam’s Sound Dome is an architecturally designed, acoustically vibrant room that enhances the flow of sound and energy. It also houses an extensive collection of unique instruments that are used in Ritam’s various sound therapies. The Sound Dome is where Ritam’s Sound Baths and other offerings are performed, using specifically selected frequency-infused instruments which target predetermined areas of the body, creating a total immersion in sound. 

Mind & Body Studio

Ritam’s Mind & Body Studio’s main focus is conscious body work. Here you will activate and access your the body’s core energy through different yoga styles and modalities. The Studio uses chromotherapeutic lighting and surround-sound acoustics, which bathe our Guests in various predetermined light frequencies and sound, as they engage in their yoga practice; physical and energy- enhancing properties, light specific, stimulate the performance of our Guests in their yoga sessions. The light frequencies generated in the Mind & Body Studio have been specifically selected to enhance and extend flexibility and the ability to stretch, also helping to lubricate joints and ease tension in the surrounding muscles, increasing range of motion and flow of energy.

Yagam Space

 The Yagam Space is an architecturally stunning interior structure, which has been spiritually activated by Vedic priests who visited Ritam from India for that purpose. The dynamic silence and energy of the Yagam Space enhance the experience of our meditating Guests, whether for transcendence, concentration, reflection, or mindfulness. Within this sacred space, you will find that your efforts can bring you clarity about purposeful intentions and actions for preferred futures, or simply a sense of the expansion of your consciousness for greater capacity of thought and action.

Forest Circle

The Forest Circle is found deep in Ritam’s Mystical Forest, in a natural cathedral-like setting, surrounded by towering lodgepole pines and spruce trees. Here, Nature bestows its benign blessing on all who are present. The Forest Circle, under a clear blue sky, provides a sense of immensity in the outdoors, and is a favorite destination for meditation, sound baths, shin-rin yoku, yoga practice or other offerings and events. 

Rustic Red Shack

Ritam’s Rustic Red Shack is a cozy, stand-alone cabin, overlooking a stunning view of the forest valley below, which allows our Guests a retreat within their Retreat, where you can withdraw to simply rest, meditate, contemplate or reflect; or more actively, journal, draw, or write. With total privacy, and for an extended time, half-day or full-day sessions are offered as part of your Retreat experience. This offering allows our Guests a place for some quiet solace, for which many of us yearn from time to time. After your respite from the other Retreat offerings, you can seamlessly resume your regular Retreat programming.

Rustic Red Shack

At Ritam, the facilities include a modern, spacious Main Lodge. As you walk into the Lodge's welcoming front entry, a grounding energy envelopes you. The Lodge's living spaces bring nature and light inside through expansive windows. The feeling is one of serenity, harmony and openness, inviting you to refresh and reset.

The Retreat's Yagam Poojas and Group Meditations are held in an authentic and architecturally magnificent space. This sacred room has been spiritually activated by Vedic priests who visited Ritam from India in December, 2018, with the blessings and guidance of Sri Sakthi Amma.  The resulting effect from their visit has been an elevation of the richness of experience when one is in the room, and an increase in the beneficial effect on the surrounding environment from the performance of Yagam Poojas and Group Meditations in the room.

Each afternoon's Mastermind Visioning will take place in a room specially designed to enhance your creativity and elicit transformative breakthroughs.

Thoughtful and purposeful design have gone into the construction of all aspects of the facilities and grounds of Ritam Spiritual Retreat, to foster the intention of each space and to ease your transformation.

By leaving the world behind for the duration of several days, and opening yourself to the dynamic silence of nature at Ritam, you will receive a gift, one that can have a profound and positive impact on your life.