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As the vibrant colours of summer gradually give way to the warm and inviting palette of autumn, we are reminded that change is both inevitable and breathtakingly beautiful. The Autumn Equinox Balancing Retreat, presented by Ritam Oasis, offers a wonderful opportunity to experience a unique moment in the passage of the seasons and the energetic shift that the Equinox represents in the equal balance of daylight hours and nighttime darkness, a reminder of Nature’s equilibrium, and a symbolic combination of both light and shadow within ourselves. 

Nestled in a high-altitude natural setting, Ritam Oasis is a sanctuary of tranquillity, harmonising your inner rhythms with the seasonal shifts occurring around you and inviting you to reflect, rejuvenate, and realign. Harness the energy of the Equinox for profound introspection and transformation. Your inner voice will awaken, guiding you through this time of transition.

During your Retreat journey, you will be guided by master teacher, George McFaul, in the ancient practices of Yoga, utilising simple and gentle exercises that reconnect you with your body, preparing you to experience Yoga Nidra, a powerful technique that navigates the realm between wakefulness and slumber, where you will embrace transition with courage and grace. Like falling leaves released from their branches, you too will let go of what no longer serves you, creating space for new growth.

Whether you're seeking a respite from the bustle of daily life or a deeper connection with the natural world, our Autumn Equinox Balancing Retreat promises an unforgettable journey of relaxation, healing, self-discovery and renewal.

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