The Clearing

An Oasis in a Desert of Materialism

High in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, at a place of dynamic silence, in a clearing surrounded by a forest of lodgepole pines and trembling aspens, there exists a place where harmony, peace and balance flourish.

Ritam is an oasis in the midst of a desert of materialism and consumption that everyday life in the world has become. Many arrive at Ritam, parched and fatigued from their journey across that arid desert. Here, you will be welcomed and find rest and rejuvenation.

Cocooned in the serenity and quiet of Ritam's natural surroundings, you will be able to focus on your wellbeing, to the exclusion of all else.

Surrendering your worldly cares for a moment and being open to connect with yourself, you will find inner peace and renewed energy. You will leave Ritam refreshed, with a new sense of direction.

Escape the Chaos

At Ritam, as you step into the clearing in the forest, the noise and chaos of today's world is left behind. You are entering a natural sanctuary, a place of dynamic stillness, where your rejuvenation and transformation await.

Your next steps will become clear.

Allow yourself to retreat from the compression of life so many endure, and expand your understanding of life's possibilities. Our varied offerings have been consciously curated to help you find direction and clarity for your onward journey.

The Clearing in the Forest

A welcome pause along your journey

When our Guests arrive at Ritam, they appreciate finding a place of refuge. Our Retreat provides a profound pause from the stress and toxicity of the external world. Here, you will drink from the spring of Nature. Your time at Ritam will give you the opportunity to rest and become refreshed.

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself at Ritam, fully absorbing each offering throughout the time you are with us.