A welcome pause along your journey

When our Guests arrive at Ritam, they appreciate finding a place of refuge. Our Retreat provides a profound pause from the stress and toxicity of the external world. Here, you will drink from the spring of Nature. Your time at Ritam will give you the opportunity to rest and become refreshed.

A gift for yourself

Life can be frenetic, filled with doing rather than being. It can be challenging to find the time you need to focus on your wellbeing. If you've been struggling to achieve forward motion on your path, Ritam is a sanctuary where you can pause, reflect and then reset your course.

Expanding your capacity

The expanded consciousness you will experience from your participation at Ritam will give you greater capacity to face life's challenges. The dynamic silence of Ritam's natural setting supports the transformative breakthroughs and progress you will experience during the Retreat.

By leaving the world behind for the duration of one or several days, and opening yourself to the dynamic silence of nature at Ritam, you will receive a gift, one that can have a profound and positive impact on your life.