Sound Therapy

Sound is Energy

During your Retreat, several versions of sound baths or vibratory therapy are offered. Led by trained and experienced sound frequency practitioners, who understand how sound frequencies are used to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, whether through targeting specific chakra points with the tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Alchemy Crystal Bowls or by using multiple bowls in harmony with other unique instruments to provide an overall healing effect on the energetic body. The intended outcome of a Sound Bath session will be discussed with our Guests, to ensure their concerns are addressed during their session.

During a Sound Bath, you are enveloped and surrounded by waves of harmonic sound, emanating from the frequencies of Chinese Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks and various other frequency-infused therapeutically designed instruments, relaxing your brain, relieving tension in your body, and soothing those tissues and cells which have fallen into disharmony, while energizing your chakras. Sound Baths create a state of harmony by using sound to clear discordance from the energy field, releasing negative energies and infusing positive frequencies in their place. Raising your energy frequency through sound baths causes different energies to become attracted to your energy field, resulting in the release of physiologically blocked energies, so that fresh enlivened energies become available and provide new life to you.

Historically, sound has been used in civilizations past to improve human well-being and to help people function more productively. It can be the “vehicle” in the background which helps positive, creative thoughts to surface and develop, while also causing negative, destructive thoughts to diminish and evaporate.

Sound baths are truly a life-transforming experience. Their extremely beneficial effects stem from the immense power of sound and vibration, aiding in not just lowering stress and anxiety, heightening focus and energy, producing a deeper state of relaxation and improving mood and overall well-being but resulting in much more positive outcomes.


Achieve Greater Control

The practice of Yoga is a mind/body discipline that involves well-developed poses working together with the breath, which help the yogi stretch and gain flexibility. Yoga fosters harmony in the body, mind and environment and is a complete system of physical, mental, and spiritual development. All are welcome to participate in the yoga sessions and each Guest will undertake yoga poses with the instructor, at their own level of challenge. Sessions are scheduled for one hour, including the cool-down, and while initially held in the Mind & Body Studio, will also take place in other indoor venues such as the Sound Dome for a Sound Bath Yoga session, as well as outdoors in natural locations on Ritam’s site, including the Forest Circle, or beside, in or around the Waterfalls. Yoga practice in the Mind & Body Studio is enhanced by chromotherapeutic lighting permeating the space, utilizing the healing colours of the visible light spectrum, enhancing your practice.


Access Transcendental Consciousness

At Ritam, meditation has been foundational in generating the settled quality of our surroundings and was the originating inspiration to welcome Guests from around the world to share in the dynamic silence which has been created, by offering Retreats here. We believe in the power of group meditation to create a powerful effect of coherence on the surrounding environment. Meditators of all styles, as well as non-meditators, are welcomed, to sit together and enjoy the stillness and silence.

Various meditation spots have been placed around the grounds, offering our Guests unique personal meditation opportunities.

At the beginning and end of each Retreat day, our Guests will meditate together, consolidating their day.



See Your Way Forward

 Visualization has been used since ancient times to facilitate the effective communication of any sort of idea. To visualize, one imagines a preferred state of being, goal, event or inner desire to become manifested in their world.

Visualizations at Ritam harness the power of the reverberating vibrations of specifically chosen Alchemy crystal bowls and other selected frequency-infused instruments, to enhance the visualization process.

After lunch each Retreat day in the Sound Dome, the visualizations are led by experienced facilitators who have been trained to elicit vivid images of the imagination, while our Guests are resting on mats in Shavasana pose. You will be guided through a visualization, combined with a sound bath, to capture images of your Retreat experiences.

During the first visualization, you will have the opportunity to set intentions and goals to work through the most pressing issues you are facing. The following visualizations will allow you to capture your individual experiences, learning and insights and any other significant happenings that may have occurred. By the end of your Retreat, you will have made progress in resolving whatever issues you faced at the beginning, allowing you to move forward on your path, with a plan for your next steps to take, once you return home.


Take in the forest atmosphere

Shinrin-Yoku, also known as forest bathing, or taking in the forest atmosphere, has become a healthcare prevention cornerstone in Japanese society and will be a fundamental component of your Retreat experience at Ritam. The health benefits of spending time amongst the trees, include calming neuro-psychological effects through changes in the nervous system, reducing the stress hormone, cortisol, and boosting the immune system. Reductions in stress, anger, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness ensue; blood pressure drops, stress levels are reduced while concentration and mental clarity improve.

Just by leisurely walking in nature in Ritam’s natural surroundings, experiencing any of the Retreat’s offerings in our outdoor venues, or simply finding a place to sit comfortably, absorbing nature’s grounding energies, you will reap the benefits of Shinrin-Yoku.

Wherever you feel most comfortable, whether in a quiet moment, hidden away in one of our secluded Meditation Spots in the Mystical Forest, sitting by the Waterfalls, listening to a Sound Bath at the Forest Circle, or strolling along the black shale pathways throughout the Retreat grounds, any of these locations are possible destinations for you to enjoy Shinrin-Yoku at Ritam.

Energy Healing


Reiki was discovered in the early twentieth century, by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui, after he had endured a long period of fasting and meditation, in a sudden revelation of enlightenment when he became united with universal energy, resulting, among other things, in the development of extraordinary healing powers. Usui felt drawn to share his gift with others, such that today, Reiki is a recognised system of healing, practised around the world.

During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner’s hands channel universal energy to the recipient’s physical body, allowing it to receive the healing Reiki energy, causing the alleviation of a multitude of physical and emotional problems. Insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety and pain, among other ailments, are, in a simple and effective manner, positively affected with the application of Reiki.

At Ritam, we are privileged to be able to offer Reiki’s unique form of healing to our Guests, whether to bring them a sense of peace and calm or to address more problematic conditions.

Vibrational Sound Therapy with Tibetan Bowls

 Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls provides energetic healing treatments where the practitioner surrounds the recipient with reverberating Tibetan Singing Bowls, or places these bowls directly on the body, producing an intense yet relaxing experience of higher sound frequencies pouring around and into the recipient’s body. This allows the practitioner to access, via sound frequencies, those places of the recipient’s muscle mass within which most of their stress resides and from which their symptoms are originating. The use of Tibetan Singing Bowls improves physical and emotional well-being through the releasing of energetic blockages in the body and replacing them with new life-giving energies while balancing the chakras.

At Ritam, we offer therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls in our Healing Cave, providing our Guests with a unique holistic therapeutic experience having a deep, transformatively positive impact.


Creating Balance Through Light

 Chromotherapy is a healing therapy that utilizes the physical spectrum of the electromagnetic field to restore balance to the body. Light is energy. The human body is basically composed of colours; it is stimulated by colours; and colours are responsible for the correct functioning of its various systems. Each of our organs and limbs has its own distinct colour and exists as energy, having its unique frequency or vibration which harmonizes with the frequency of its respective colour. When any organ or part of the human body deviates from its optimal normal frequency, it may become either diseased or at the least does not function properly. The vibratory or frequency rates inherent in chromotherapy are such that they balance the diseased or unbalanced energy patterns found in the body. Because every organ has an energetic level at which it functions best, any departure from that vibratory rate results in disease or suboptimal function. Through chromotherapy, by restoring the appropriate energy level to the physical organs, the body is brought back into balance.

At Ritam, all of our indoor venues are equipped with chromotherapeutic lighting, helping to restore balance in the body and enhancing each and every Retreat offering.


Healing with Essential Oils

As a holistic therapy, for centuries, aromatherapy has been used in many ancient cultures to medicinally promote the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Created from natural plant extracts, reduced to essential oils, it utilizes the sense of smell and skin absorption to deliver its benefits, some of which include reduction of stress, agitation and anxiety, improvement in the quality of sleep, immunity boosting, the soothing of sore joints, improving digestion and much more.

At Ritam, we use aromatherapy to enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of our Retreat Guests.