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Refresh your body, revitalize your mind and expand your consciousness

Spring is the season of new life, more sunlight, and greater personal energy. As the sunlight hours become longer and the night time darkness recedes, new beginnings, opportunities, transformations and growth become possible.
After many months of cold temperatures and darkness, Nature is bringing everything back to life. Leaves are budding, water is flowing and the grasses and plants are starting to grow again; animals are awakening from their winter sleep and the migrating birds are returning from their southern homes to nest and raise their young. It is a time of creativity, motivation and hope for the future.

Come join us for our spectacular Spring Rejuvenation Weekend Retreat with Master Yoga Teacher, Vic Mehta, and experience progress on your path. Build on the momentum that Spring is giving us, with greater energy, optimism and cheerfulness, to realize your potential.

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